We are in a time of Evolutionary Metamorphosis

6 March 2011  Evolutionary Metamorphosis

We are in such a period of transformation. Many say each of us are carriers of the seeds of a new reality in the process of being created! Holding a bigger view will be essential to keep our souls on track and not to get swept away by the whirling intensity of life all around us. One of my favorite teachers is Barbara Marx Hubbard. ¬†The first time I heard her speak was in Toronto in 1978 at an American Association for Humanistic Psychology Conference. Just ¬†before this talk, I had the ‘vision’ that has shaped my life and work ever since. When I heard Barbara talk, I wept because her vision reinforced my own and was one of the cornerstones of my work to this day. I have been so thrilled that her voice has been getting out there with The Shift Network and in many other places. She sees all the challenges of our times as “evolutionary drivers” meant to stimulate the connection and creativity necessary to take a new step in our collective evolution. She says a new species is emerging filled with people connected to a much larger, more loving and socially just vision for the future. If you are reading this, you might consider that you too are a part of this emergent species, capable of both expressing one’s individuality and uniting with others in co-creative adventures. It is happening everywhere right now. Last year, Barbara offered a course on Evolutionary Metamorphosis that I downloaded and should have sent out at the time. But today, I went back to get the link for this course in case any of you are interested. Love, Carol


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  1. Kriya Shakti says:

    Aloha Carol,

    Thank you for your wonderful posts! I have listened to a few talks in the Shift Network and they have been amazing! So inspiring to know how many people have joined this network and that peace and love is spreading throughout our beautiful planet. Thank you again for all your wonderful work!


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