Sacred Memory, Holy Yearning

The 5th Buddha Initiation has happened!  Here is a uTube link:

This is a uTube video announcing, in a beautiful way, something that happened February 4-5, 2011 in India that is very worth knowing about. I just received this information & wish to pass it on right away as we are all in a process of “opening the eyes of our hearts” to see the wonders as well as the challenges before us now. Here’s the message: “The Dalai Lama, for the first time, offered the initiation for Buddha Maitreya, the 5th Buddha who is preparing humanity to live in a new cycle. Maitreya is considered to be the future Buddha, and unlike the former Buddha which has helped eliminate suffering in humans, Maitreya is the Buddha of Joy, Love and Compassion. …He is also referred to as the Water Bearer, just like the constellation of Aquarius the Waterbearer. It seems the 5th Buddha is linked to the Aquarian age, both carrying the wisdom Urn and teaching us the ways of clear, clean emotion. This message … resonates with the stories of the second coming of Christ, which is the really message of the joy of resurrection that follows our pain and struggle. All these religious stories tell the same story, the universal story, the story of our awakening from being a humanity of creating/recreating suffering, to a humanity based in joy, love and compassion, always an individual choice.”

This is an astonishing time in human history. For me personally, I feel like I am coming into wholeness like never before! And I see this in many others all around me – there is a ‘We’ growing in consciousness now that is very different than any ‘we’ founded in ‘us/them’ views, still so prevalent in our world today.  I know for myself that while there is so much I may never understand & thus am endlessly learning from everyone & everything around me, my practices of looking for “like heartedness over like-mindedness, of “radical acceptance”, of the “celebration of beauty in diversity”, & among many more practices, the “willingness to show up, pay attention, tell the truth & release the outcome” (from Angeles Arrien’s The Four Fold Way, are serving my life so well in fulfilling my heart’s desire for a life full of meaningful connection to others.

This Dalai Lama Initiation is very profound for me for very deep and personal reasons…

In 1999, I published, in a very humble way (via Office Depot!), 200 copies of my manuscript Sacred Memory, Holy Yearning, The Birth of Inkarri.this book, I told the story of a personal awakening into Soul territory revolving around an ancient Andean initiation practice called “Karpay Anyi.” This is a ceremony for “an exchange of energies between different points of view for the benefit of all”. While this story encompassed my five year journey of living in Peru 1987 – 1991, it revolved around this ceremony that took place in July of 1993 between a master of the Andean tradition, a Q’ero priest named Don Mariano & a Tibetan Buddhist named Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche. In this ceremony, a ritual exchange & union of energies between sacred traditions of the Andes & the Himalayas took place. These two powerful mountain ranges, on opposite sides of the Earth are considered by some to be the poles through which the Feminine & Masculine Spiritual Energies enter the Earth.  This ritual initiation the meeting of these two poles.

My Andean teacher at the time, Juan Victor Nuñez del Prado, urged me to write this book. I’m grateful I did because the story of my experiences was so beautiful to me & I did want to share it with some others. However, at that time, I also made the decision not to seek a wider audience because I felt that I didn’t want to be identified with that alone. Books tend to pigeon hole one’s work & I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to hold my own when I knew I had other work with teachings & my endless process of learning in The Mystery School, which I was clear was a seed to cultivate a better future in education. Also, I think I rationalized that if something is authentic (I may still have had doubts about the validity or usefulness of these experiences to others at the time), it will show itself in time.

In May 2006, another step in this story happened. While guiding a group in Peru, we serendipitously arrived & witnessed another meeting, but this time between The Dalai Lama himself and Q’ero Priest, Don Francisco in the ancient Inka Temple of the Sun in Cuzco. This was a more formal public event thus there could only be an energetic exchange more than philosophical exchange. Yet, for me, this was astounding to find myself in this unexpected meeting. It felt possible to me that this was another step in the process, a deepening of the reunion of the separated realities of the Masculine & Feminine Spirits, heralding a new time a Loving Justice  dawning in our world.  

In the uTube video mentioned above, sponsored by Juan Ruiz Naupari, founder of Inkarri, a Peruvian Multicultural Association, I see a final step: The Buddha Maitreya, Buddha of Love, is also Inkarri, representing the rebirth of the collective ancient Inka’s culture, a consciousness that is inclusive, capable of embracing all spiritual points of view without contradiction, and… the bottom line, valuing life & meaningful relations with all our relations on Earth enough to realize the dream that all children are fed & deeply supported in maturing their unique capacities as a valued contribution to the whole of life. This is so up my heart’s alley! that I could not resist posting this amazing news this morning.

In this & last year’s Winter Newsletter, I wrote about the “Kusi Kawsay” Waldorf-inspired school in Pisaq, Peru, brought into being largely through Wiñay Taki Allyu, the family group who has dedicated themselves to reclaiming the ancient Inka culture before the Conquest. This an many many more signals from visions in my own work with Tarot & Tree of Life, as well as the Mayan Tun Calendar (which I wrote about in other newsletters), tells me we, as a world, are ‘coming home at last to our hearts’ in more ways than we can truly imagine right now. Indeed, we must endure the final stages of this very intense birth process we are in. The expansions & contractions we are experiencing daily all over the world will change the face of our collective reality. It is an astonishing time to be alive & a willingness to honor the heart’s ability to be connected with everything & everyone on this planet & beyond will weave a web of spiritual support for the many who are facing the deep challenges that also come.

I thank everyone who has ever supported my life with theirs because are aligned now in a vast field of very generative co-creative activity. What we do together & individually doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be deeply heart-felt to send that wave out into the world right now.

Thank you for reading & considering this message!  Love, Gratitude, & Blessings to you,  Carol

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