The Mystery School – Openings in the new workshop cycle beginning April 1, 2013

This poem from Rumi, found in Michael Green’s 2013 Illuminated Rumi Calendar, seems like a perfect invitation into the spirit of the fourth cycle of The Mystery School that will open its door at Mountain Waters Retreat Center in Nelson BC on April 1st, 2013. There are currently openings in the program. If you are feeling the call to take another step in your life’s evolution, I am inviting you to consider this program. You can email me and I will send you an application. We can also arrange a Skype or FaceTime interview.

We are in a time The Mystery School was created for, a time where we humans begin to take seriously the need to cultivate the precious and sacred resources for life that each one of us carries as potential within us. I believe the solutions to every human problem on this planet is within someone. Maturing our consciousness and our capacities for discovering the meaning of “right or beautiful relationship with our selves, each other, and life” is what we are here to do.

Please review the program under The Mystery School panel above.  Know that your commitment to this program is made only after the first year so you have an opportunity to experience the power of this program firsthand for yourself. It is a unique offering and a precious opportunity to discover more about who you truly are in a fun and original way, and to experience your life as whole in the company of others. I only take 9 students at a time. We form a new experience of family as we explore and play together over the three year period of time. We discover the meaning of co-creativity as a living reality of our lives. Email me with your interest and questions at

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A Small Check In…

Usually, this is the time of the year I put out my yearly newsletter. I still have on my list to do and it will be posted on this website when it is done. This is a small check in because it has been awhile since my last post.

The last session of The Mystery School ended on Oct. 28th, 2011. This program exceeded all my expectations and inspired me to begin writing my book about this work. Writing has been my prime focus since the beginning of the year. Hence the reason why my newsletter isn’t out yet.

In addition, I am offering a Mystery School post graduate program called “Creation”. It will be a series of four workshops exploring the Creative Process and the design of a new Tree of Life that – all I can say – got ‘downloaded’ last August. I will write a bit more about it in my newsletter but I will say now that it is a Tree of a Mature, Healed Species of Human Beings. Our first course, called “Fire” will be held in Bali in November of 2012. So I’ve been doing some preparation for that.

I have also begun receiving applications for the next 3 year cycle of The Mystery School, which will begin in March 2013. There was a rapid response to an email I sent out two weeks ago to a group who had been on my ‘potential list’ since the beginning of the last program. The program is almost full already. I will take a waiting list.

In August 2011 my grandchildren went from one to three with two new little ones born 9 days apart. Jim and I continue to be grateful that we get to share this little adventure among the many others.

We will not be offering a Peru trip this year.  One of the primary reasons we do this trip is to introduce people to an indigenous community there called Wiñay Taki. Happily in Nelson, last summer, we had a two month visit from our Peruvian friends so actually had many in our community meet these wonderful people here.

All I can say is life is full these days. Look for a newsletter, maybe a little late this year but it will come. Love, Carol

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29 March 2011 Transformational Times

We are living in such exciting, challenging & transformational times. Everyone of you who reads this probably realizes how blessed we are to be here on Earth at this time. At this moment I’m writing to let you know about a powerful opportunity to take a beautiful journey with one of my heroes,  Barbara Marx Hubbard, into your highest gifts, energy & creativity during this wild & intense time of planetary transformation & rebirth! It’s called The Agents of Conscious Evolution (ACE) Training.

I heard Barbara speak first in 1978 & found myself weeping experiencing the incredible vision she was carrying for us all then. The miracle for me at that time is that her talk so reinforced the vision I had that summer that became the ground of my work as well over these years.

Now 33 years later, at the age of 80 Barbara is fully ‘out there’ and so many are hearing her awesome, now very timely message.

You can learn about this vision through this free Birth 2012 teleseminar with Barbara Marx Hubbard and Shift Network CEO Stephen Dinan by clicking on this link:

And even though I will be so busy these next couple of months, I couldn’t resist signing up myself. This is such a remarkable opportunity to join energy field with thousands of people participating in “this great shift into a time of Co-Creation of a new reality we are in” with a woman who is one of my heroes in inspiring consciousness. I will tune in whenever I can over the course of the 12 weeks.

To be in a direct teleconference is very powerful so if not this one, I encourage you to check out the many courses The Shift Network is building at this time.

Click here to learn all the details of the ACE training:

Before you go there, this morning Barbara sent out this piece with some amazing news as well as her vision of this process. I want to share it with you:

Dearly Beloved Conscious Evolutionaries,

As we suffer through the mounting crises in Japan, Libya, the Middle East, and the whole world, it is vital that we place the crises in the context of evolutionary drivers toward what is being born through us.  For example, members of the Goi Peace Foundation in Japan sent out a letter to many of us saying that they have decided to invite visionaries, scientists, artists and environmentalists from all over the world to help them build a New City that represents the New Civilization.

As you know, we have known that “Our Crisis is a Birth.”  Now I feel the hour of the birth is near.  How will we make the shift in time, quickly enough to avoid ever greater destruction?

Here is what I know.

There are several keys.  One is to link as quickly as possible what is already emerging.  Another is to rapidly increase the field, the vibration of heart-coherence on a planetary scale.

In line with these essential elements, I am really thrilled to invite you to enroll in my 12 Week Agents of Conscious Evolution Training (ACE) starting April 19 for those who want to embody the principles and practices of conscious evolution and to help form global teams to catalyze the Birth Day celebration on December 22, 2012.  Never before in my life, or any of our lives could such an opportunity be offered to us.

Click here to learn all the details:

If you are so called, we will work together for the next 20 months midwifing and gentling the planetary birth, helping to build the Field of Resonance in which millions of us can align.

The Field Reveals What is Emerging. This is an opportunity to give your highest gifts in creating a Planetary Birth Experience that can shift our consciousness and evolve our world. Love Always, Barbara

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Sacred Memory, Holy Yearning

The 5th Buddha Initiation has happened!  Here is a uTube link:

This is a uTube video announcing, in a beautiful way, something that happened February 4-5, 2011 in India that is very worth knowing about. I just received this information & wish to pass it on right away as we are all in a process of “opening the eyes of our hearts” to see the wonders as well as the challenges before us now. Here’s the message: “The Dalai Lama, for the first time, offered the initiation for Buddha Maitreya, the 5th Buddha who is preparing humanity to live in a new cycle. Maitreya is considered to be the future Buddha, and unlike the former Buddha which has helped eliminate suffering in humans, Maitreya is the Buddha of Joy, Love and Compassion. …He is also referred to as the Water Bearer, just like the constellation of Aquarius the Waterbearer. It seems the 5th Buddha is linked to the Aquarian age, both carrying the wisdom Urn and teaching us the ways of clear, clean emotion. This message … resonates with the stories of the second coming of Christ, which is the really message of the joy of resurrection that follows our pain and struggle. All these religious stories tell the same story, the universal story, the story of our awakening from being a humanity of creating/recreating suffering, to a humanity based in joy, love and compassion, always an individual choice.”

This is an astonishing time in human history. For me personally, I feel like I am coming into wholeness like never before! And I see this in many others all around me – there is a ‘We’ growing in consciousness now that is very different than any ‘we’ founded in ‘us/them’ views, still so prevalent in our world today.  I know for myself that while there is so much I may never understand & thus am endlessly learning from everyone & everything around me, my practices of looking for “like heartedness over like-mindedness, of “radical acceptance”, of the “celebration of beauty in diversity”, & among many more practices, the “willingness to show up, pay attention, tell the truth & release the outcome” (from Angeles Arrien’s The Four Fold Way, are serving my life so well in fulfilling my heart’s desire for a life full of meaningful connection to others.

This Dalai Lama Initiation is very profound for me for very deep and personal reasons…

In 1999, I published, in a very humble way (via Office Depot!), 200 copies of my manuscript Sacred Memory, Holy Yearning, The Birth of Inkarri.this book, I told the story of a personal awakening into Soul territory revolving around an ancient Andean initiation practice called “Karpay Anyi.” This is a ceremony for “an exchange of energies between different points of view for the benefit of all”. While this story encompassed my five year journey of living in Peru 1987 – 1991, it revolved around this ceremony that took place in July of 1993 between a master of the Andean tradition, a Q’ero priest named Don Mariano & a Tibetan Buddhist named Lopon Tsechu Rinpoche. In this ceremony, a ritual exchange & union of energies between sacred traditions of the Andes & the Himalayas took place. These two powerful mountain ranges, on opposite sides of the Earth are considered by some to be the poles through which the Feminine & Masculine Spiritual Energies enter the Earth.  This ritual initiation the meeting of these two poles.

My Andean teacher at the time, Juan Victor Nuñez del Prado, urged me to write this book. I’m grateful I did because the story of my experiences was so beautiful to me & I did want to share it with some others. However, at that time, I also made the decision not to seek a wider audience because I felt that I didn’t want to be identified with that alone. Books tend to pigeon hole one’s work & I wasn’t sure I was strong enough to hold my own when I knew I had other work with teachings & my endless process of learning in The Mystery School, which I was clear was a seed to cultivate a better future in education. Also, I think I rationalized that if something is authentic (I may still have had doubts about the validity or usefulness of these experiences to others at the time), it will show itself in time.

In May 2006, another step in this story happened. While guiding a group in Peru, we serendipitously arrived & witnessed another meeting, but this time between The Dalai Lama himself and Q’ero Priest, Don Francisco in the ancient Inka Temple of the Sun in Cuzco. This was a more formal public event thus there could only be an energetic exchange more than philosophical exchange. Yet, for me, this was astounding to find myself in this unexpected meeting. It felt possible to me that this was another step in the process, a deepening of the reunion of the separated realities of the Masculine & Feminine Spirits, heralding a new time a Loving Justice  dawning in our world.  

In the uTube video mentioned above, sponsored by Juan Ruiz Naupari, founder of Inkarri, a Peruvian Multicultural Association, I see a final step: The Buddha Maitreya, Buddha of Love, is also Inkarri, representing the rebirth of the collective ancient Inka’s culture, a consciousness that is inclusive, capable of embracing all spiritual points of view without contradiction, and… the bottom line, valuing life & meaningful relations with all our relations on Earth enough to realize the dream that all children are fed & deeply supported in maturing their unique capacities as a valued contribution to the whole of life. This is so up my heart’s alley! that I could not resist posting this amazing news this morning.

In this & last year’s Winter Newsletter, I wrote about the “Kusi Kawsay” Waldorf-inspired school in Pisaq, Peru, brought into being largely through Wiñay Taki Allyu, the family group who has dedicated themselves to reclaiming the ancient Inka culture before the Conquest. This an many many more signals from visions in my own work with Tarot & Tree of Life, as well as the Mayan Tun Calendar (which I wrote about in other newsletters), tells me we, as a world, are ‘coming home at last to our hearts’ in more ways than we can truly imagine right now. Indeed, we must endure the final stages of this very intense birth process we are in. The expansions & contractions we are experiencing daily all over the world will change the face of our collective reality. It is an astonishing time to be alive & a willingness to honor the heart’s ability to be connected with everything & everyone on this planet & beyond will weave a web of spiritual support for the many who are facing the deep challenges that also come.

I thank everyone who has ever supported my life with theirs because are aligned now in a vast field of very generative co-creative activity. What we do together & individually doesn’t have to be big, it just has to be deeply heart-felt to send that wave out into the world right now.

Thank you for reading & considering this message!  Love, Gratitude, & Blessings to you,  Carol

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We are in a time of Evolutionary Metamorphosis

6 March 2011  Evolutionary Metamorphosis

We are in such a period of transformation. Many say each of us are carriers of the seeds of a new reality in the process of being created! Holding a bigger view will be essential to keep our souls on track and not to get swept away by the whirling intensity of life all around us. One of my favorite teachers is Barbara Marx Hubbard.  The first time I heard her speak was in Toronto in 1978 at an American Association for Humanistic Psychology Conference. Just  before this talk, I had the ‘vision’ that has shaped my life and work ever since. When I heard Barbara talk, I wept because her vision reinforced my own and was one of the cornerstones of my work to this day. I have been so thrilled that her voice has been getting out there with The Shift Network and in many other places. She sees all the challenges of our times as “evolutionary drivers” meant to stimulate the connection and creativity necessary to take a new step in our collective evolution. She says a new species is emerging filled with people connected to a much larger, more loving and socially just vision for the future. If you are reading this, you might consider that you too are a part of this emergent species, capable of both expressing one’s individuality and uniting with others in co-creative adventures. It is happening everywhere right now. Last year, Barbara offered a course on Evolutionary Metamorphosis that I downloaded and should have sent out at the time. But today, I went back to get the link for this course in case any of you are interested. Love, Carol

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Sacred Awakening Series on The Shift Network

Dear friends,

I have recently become an affiliate in The Shift Network so I might pass on information about the many free tele-seminar offerings of this astounding resource of inspiration from teachers all over the planet. You can listen to them alive or download these talks after.

We are in a time of such change in consciousness and this network is reflecting and supporting just that. So here is information about The Sacred Awakening Series which is a wonderful place to begin this adventure…. join me for the Sacred Awakening Series, a free teleseries starting March 9th, featuring 21 luminaries and spiritual leaders such as Alice Walker, Ram Dass, Jack Kornfield and Grandmother Mona Polacca.

Click here for all the details:

This is a different kind of teleseries in that each teacher will share intimately with us the real inner workings of their spiritual path and what they’ve learned about creating a truly sacred life.

Plus, they’ll give practical, personal insights into how they have found joy, love, connection, and a sense of purpose, as well as learned how to express their highest service in the world.

This is a wonderful opportunity to listen for free to these amazing teachers. And if you can’t make the live calls, you can always download the recordings and listen to them at your convenience (like on your iPod or in your car).

You’ll also get access to the full library of previous recordings featuring people like Marianne Williamson, Robert Thurman, Sadhguru and Bishop John Shelby Spong).

I hope you’ll join me to learn from these luminaries for living a truly sacred life!

Here’s the link again for more information:

In gratitude that such things as this exist for us all now….Carol

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War & Peace & A Million Children Singing

Dear Friends,  (originally offered 22 Feb. 2011 and edited on 18 April 2013)

Listen to these children singing (below uTube link!) Feel the call of their hearts. It’s heart-blowing open time!

And secondly, I am an advocate of peace as almost everyone I know is…I learned, actually from a teaching plant in the Amazon, that peace begins within each heart! In this teaching, I experienced, without any relief at recognizing the horror of the path of war, that as long as there is any war within my heart about myself or others…there will be war in this world and, as a consequence, the horrible misery and suffering generated that has perpetuated itself for centuries continues. It was a challenging, very direct experience to realize inside myself this teaching and to understand that I had to integrate this at all levels of my being because We, as humans, have far greater things to accomplish now and we need to work co-creatively together to do so ….Anything that fosters this direction, I am definitely “for”…. I understand that this is a choice … that is all, a choice to grow up. There is pain from separation in us all. This can no longer justify our projections of this darkness onto ourselves or others.

I want to make clear that I believe that some struggle or what I call “appropriate suffering’ will continue to occur as humans benefit from appropriate challenges that help us all grow and mature ourselves. We stumble and fall while learning to walk but our habit of blaming the ground and making war on the earth under us is not the answer! I am talking about the wars inside and outside of us that create “inappropriate suffering” and perpetuate the misery and destruction of so much needed beauty in this world. The mind may not know but the heart clearly knows the difference between “appropriate” and “inappropriate” suffering. So with a peaceful heart, you can stand for something that may challenge others where things can and must change for the benefit of all.

We can all recognize that now, we in a time of such revolutionary change in the landscape of our reality! Look at what is happening in the Middle East right now. Our world and the views that created it are changing as they must for us to transform this world & fulfill an evolutionary call to create a world big enough for all of us and all our relations in a sustainable form.

In this spirit, I want to share these two things with you that are inspiring and supportive to our building a world of what I call “natural”, not enforced or manipulated peace. I send you all love and blessings for each step you take this beautiful Earth we live on, Carol


On December 11th 2010, one million children gathered in Thailand to sing a song of hope, joy, and change to the world. You are invited to take a few minutes of your time to receive their heart felt message.

Link to the YouTube video:

YouTube – “Change The World” by One Million Star Children & Howard McCrary

Second ….

A Peace Ambassador Training, a groundbreaking program is offered by The Shift Network. Led by renowned peacebuilder and social healer James O’Dea, this 20-week certificate program provides the skills and tools to be a leader for peaceful change within your family, your job, your community, and within our larger world.

It is possible but large-scale healing will be required, led by true peacebuilders within all sectors of society. The Peace Ambassador Training offers just the kind of training we need to help bring about massive positive change. It brings together the world’s top peace builders to deliver a comprehensive training in the comfort of your home.

Click here for all the details:

I hope you will consider the Peace Ambassador Training program, lead by James O’Dea, as a way for you to become a powerful agent for positive change.

With love and respect for the Mystery in each of us, Carol

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