A Small Check In…

Usually, this is the time of the year I put out my yearly newsletter. I still have on my list to do and it will be posted on this website when it is done. This is a small check in because it has been awhile since my last post.

The last session of The Mystery School ended on Oct. 28th, 2011. This program exceeded all my expectations and inspired me to begin writing my book about this work. Writing has been my prime focus since the beginning of the year. Hence the reason why my newsletter isn’t out yet.

In addition, I am offering a Mystery School post graduate program called “Creation”. It will be a series of four workshops exploring the Creative Process and the design of a new Tree of Life that – all I can say – got ‘downloaded’ last August. I will write a bit more about it in my newsletter but I will say now that it is a Tree of a Mature, Healed Species of Human Beings. Our first course, called “Fire” will be held in Bali in November of 2012. So I’ve been doing some preparation for that.

I have also begun receiving applications for the next 3 year cycle of The Mystery School, which will begin in March 2013. There was a rapid response to an email I sent out two weeks ago to a group who had been on my ‘potential list’ since the beginning of the last program. The program is almost full already. I will take a waiting list.

In August 2011 my grandchildren went from one to three with two new little ones born 9 days apart. Jim and I continue to be grateful that we get to share this little adventure among the many others.

We will not be offering a Peru trip this year.  One of the primary reasons we do this trip is to introduce people to an indigenous community there called Wiñay Taki. Happily in Nelson, last summer, we had a two month visit from our Peruvian friends so actually had many in our community meet these wonderful people here.

All I can say is life is full these days. Look for a newsletter, maybe a little late this year but it will come. Love, Carol

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